Anjan Das Murder Case Murder Case Was Revealed From Mobile Phone Of Deceased

No matter how clever the criminal is, he always leaves some clues. The same happened with Poonam Devi, who killed her husband along with her son Deepak and cut his body into 10 pieces. Poonam had got her mobile ported after killing Anjandas. This was the clue by which the police unearthed the mystery of human body parts being found in Pandav Nagar. Poonam had ported her number from Airtel to Jio. In such a situation, his mobile was switched off for a few days.

According to the crime branch police officers, when the mobile is ported, it comes off for a few days. Deepak was caught on CCTV cameras while talking on another mobile. Although Deepak was not talking on the mobile, rather he had put the mobile on his ear to mislead the people present there. In such a situation, the police picked up the dump data of the area and saw that how many phones were running at that time and how many phones were switched off after the incident.

Police collected dump data of one lakh phones. After analyzing the dump data, the police came to know that the mobile phones of Poonam Devi and Anjandas have been switched off since that time. The accused had thrown away the mobile sim of Anjandas by breaking it. He was operating his mobile handset.

While going through the details of the dump data, Poonam’s number was found switched off and the police reached Poonam while enquiring. The local people also identified the woman captured in the CCTV cameras as Poonam. Initially, in an attempt to mislead the police, they told that Anjandas had gone to Bihar. When the police found the clothes of the accused at the time of killing Anjandas, they confessed their crime. After this, he exposed the whole incident.

The accused used to go to see the pieces of dead body lying in the garbage

According to crime branch police officials, during interrogation, the accused have accepted that after they had thrown away the body parts of Anjandas, they used to go to see the body parts a few times a day. Deepak and Poonam Devi went thrice each to see the pieces of the dead body. When the pieces of the dead body were visible, the accused used to cover it with garbage.

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