Case Of Throwing The Girl Child From The First Floor The Bone Of The Girl’s Face Was Broken In Delhi

In the Deshbandhu Gupta Road area of ​​the country’s capital, Delhi, an 11-year-old girl student suffered a fracture in her face after being beaten up by a corporation school teacher. The girl’s father has alleged that the child is unable to eat or speak due to the fracture. At present, the girl is admitted in Safdarjung Hospital.

The father says that the daughter has injuries on her leg and a part of her head. The doctors had earlier said to discharge on Saturday, but have now asked to keep him under observation for a few days. The daily wage laborer’s father told that he was at work when he got the information from the school on Friday. On reaching the school, the daughter was informed about being admitted to Hindu Rao Hospital. When the daughter saw them, she started crying and the mother fainted. The accused teacher should be punished severely.

Many things have been revealed about the teacher who threw the girl down from the balcony of the school. It is learned that after throwing the girl, she also injured the school in-charge. Relatives of the children studying in class five told that the teacher was looking for cameras in the children’s bags and shoes. She was saying that they had hidden the camera in their bags and shoes. She was asking the children to show the camera. She was looking for the camera after opening the bags and taking off the shoes of all the children. The family members told that the girl who was thrown from the first floor by the teacher, was not showing the bag open to the teacher. Due to which she got angry and attacked him.

School in-charge also injured

As soon as the information about the girl student being thrown, the school in-charge Varsha reached near the class. The classroom door was closed. When Varsha opened it, Geeta attacked her too and started beating her. Varsha has suffered injuries on her head, neck and stomach in the fight. She was also taken to the hospital, where an ultrasound was done as she was pregnant. Bottles and book copies were scattered all around the classroom.

Family said teacher in depression

After being taken into custody, the teacher was agitated and was raising slogans at the police station. The police contacted the family members of the teacher. In which the family members told that the teacher is in depression. Geeta is originally from Haryana. About a year and a half ago, there was a love marriage with Rupesh, a resident of Jhajjar. The family members had severed ties with her for marrying of her own free will. Meanwhile, she had estrangement with her husband and in-laws. Since then she was living in PG located in Kamla Nagar.

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