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11:23 PM, 18-Nov-2022

Azamgarh: Love marriage done in Delhi, then returned to the village and got married, when the girlfriend reached there was an attempt to kidnap

Love marriage in Delhi and another marraige in azamgarh village girlfriend attempt to kidnap

The law has tightened the noose on a young man who cheated Delhi’s girlfriend and married a girl in Azamgarh. A case has been registered against five people, including the accused, who lived with his girlfriend for eight years.

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10:42 PM, 18-Nov-2022

Harassment of two girls: The men made relations with both of them in the name of marriage, showed their true colors when it was their turn to hold hands

Girls misdeed in the name of marriage in two different areas of Gurugram

Police have registered a case on the complaint of both the victims and started investigation. It is alleged that when the girls pressurized them to get married, the accused flatly refused to get married. Read more

10:31 PM, 18-Nov-2022

Faridabad: 20-year sentence for stepfather for raping a teenager, used to beat him for protesting

Stepfather sentenced to 20 years for raping a teenager

The victim had said that after the death of her father, the mother remarried. The step father was raping her for the last one year. He used to beat up when he protested. Read more

10:24 PM, 18-Nov-2022

Police handed over the girl who ran away from Delhi to her relatives

Police handed over the girl who ran away from Delhi to her relatives Read more

09:54 PM, 18-Nov-2022

Sister-in-law’s betrayal: brother-in-law was called home on the pretext of helping, then the woman did such a condition to the young man, the victim said – could have lost his life

woman called brother in law at home and beat him on pretext In Old Faridabad

A shocking case has come to light from Baselwa Colony of Old Faridabad. Read more

05:05 PM, 18-Nov-2022

Victim of Honey Trap: Foreign Ministry’s driver used to send secret information to Pakistan, Poonam and Pooja had woven the trap

Delhi Police arrested a driver working in Ministry of External Affairs for passing confidential and sensitive

The Crime Branch of Delhi Police on Friday arrested a driver working in the Ministry of External Affairs on charges of espionage. Read more

09:24 PM, 18-Nov-2022

Ghaziabad: Raid on factory making fake medicine for animals, 50 thousand medicines recovered

Ghaziabad News Raid on fake animal medicine factory

Drug Inspector Ashutosh Mishra said that information was received that fake allopathic medicines for animals are being made in the M/s Aroxy factory in street number four of the industrial area. Read more

09:14 PM, 18-Nov-2022

Double punishment: 140 HIV-infected prisoners are imprisoned in Ghaziabad’s Dasna Jail, 35 also have TB

140 inmates of Dasna Jail diagnosed with HIV

A senior jail official said on Friday that out of a total of 5,500 prisoners lodged in Dasna Jail, 140 are HIV positive and 35 of them also have TB. Read more

08:46 PM, 18-Nov-2022

Direct impact on impatient mind: Children becoming aggressive due to not getting mobile, harming themselves along with their loved ones

Children getting aggressive on not getting mobile

After China, Indian users download the most apps in the world. In the year 2021, 26 billion 70 crore apps were downloaded from Google Play Store and App Store in the country. Read more

07:28 PM, 18-Nov-2022

Shraddha Murder Case: These chats are proof of how merciless the butcher Aftab is, whoever read it was shocked

shraddha walker whatsapp chats in hindi aftab poonawala beaten up her

Police is making new revelations everyday in the murder case of Mumbai’s Shraddha Walker. In this episode, chats with his office friends have now come to the fore. Read more

05:56 PM, 18-Nov-2022

MCD Election: Women will write new history, BJP and AAP field women candidates on general seats as well

MCD Election: BJP and AAP gave tickets to women candidates on general seats

MCD Election 2022: Indu, who is contesting on the general seat from Aam Aadmi Party, said that this is a big change in politics for women. They are also not shying away from giving opportunities to women candidates whom they feel can win the elections… read more

05:44 PM, 18-Nov-2022

So Shraddha would have been alive today: Two years ago, she had sensed Aftab’s intentions, remained silent even on beating and his affair because…

shraddha murder case Two years ago Shraddha had expressed apprehension of being killed by Aftab

In the famous Shraddha murder case, Shraddha’s friend Rahul Rai has revealed that Aftab had beaten Shraddha badly in 2020 in Mumbai. Read more

05:58 PM, 18-Nov-2022

Marks of Aftab’s brutality seen in the picture: Shraddha’s friend shared the photo, see proof of the brutality of the murderer

Shraddha Walker's two year old photo shared by friend

Accused Aftab used to fight with Shraddha often. Whenever there was a estrangement between the two over any matter, Aftab used to beat him badly. Read more

04:41 PM, 18-Nov-2022

‘Greedy’ cashing in on Shraddha’s death: Flood of fake accounts on Instagram, earning like this by increasing followers

fake accounts of Shraddha Walkar on Instagram user earn by increasing followers

After the news of Shraddha Walkar’s death came out, some Instagram users have started cashing in on it. Read more

04:26 PM, 18-Nov-2022

Saharanpur: Carpenter killed in a tragic accident, another fellow seriously injured, chaos in the family

Saharanpur Accident News: Carpenter died in a tragic accident on Delhi-Yamunotri Highway, while his companion was seriously injured. Read more

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