Delhi: Case of arrest of two terrorists, raids in UP, Delhi, Uttarakhand and Punjab in search of helpers – Delhi Case Of Arrest Of Two Terrorists Raids In Up Delhi Uttarakhand Punjab

Delhi Case of arrest of two terrorists raids in UP Delhi Uttarakhand Punjab

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Everyday new revelations are happening with the arrest of Harkat-ul-Ansar and alleged terrorists of Khalistan arrested from Delhi. During interrogation, the accused have disclosed that they had received weapons through “drop dead method” in Uttarakhand. Their handlers sitting in Pakistan had shared the Google location of these weapons to Naushad through mobile app. After this the weapons were brought to Delhi from an unknown place in Uttarakhand.

Sources say that all the recovered weapons had reached India via Nepal. It has also been learned that on January 30, these terrorists were to get some more arms and ammunition. On any day after January 26, these accused were to do target killing. Reiki was also done for this. The police is not disclosing which Hindu leaders were their targets. Police is trying to trace the rest of their network.

Delhi Police sources say that with the help of technical surveillance and documents received from Naushad and Jagjit, it has been found that five other people are also involved in their Indian network. Of these, three are being told from Jahangirpuri and one from UP and one from Bihar. After the arrest of both, all have gone underground. However, police sources are also claiming that two people had provided them arms in Uttarakhand at the behest of their handlers in Pakistan. Both don’t know him. Police is conducting raids in Delhi, UP, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana in search of them.

Both were locked together in Haldwani jail

During investigation, the police came to know that Naushad and Jagjit were lodged together in Haldwani Jail in Uttarakhand. There, there was a deep relationship between the two and both came to Delhi. Jagjit Singh was associated with the Bambiha gang. That’s why he came in contact with Khalistani terrorist Arshdeep Dalla sitting in Canada. At the same time Naushad was also in touch with ISI bosses through Suhail. It was Suhail who told Naushad that which Hindu leader in India should he target kill.

Deceased not yet identified

On the other hand, the identity of the young man who was killed by Naushad and Jagjit for the demo is yet to be ascertained. Some families are in touch with the police. He is claiming that the dead body could be of his close friend. Police officials say that if needed, the DNA of the dead body and the claimants will also be done. Let us tell you that on January 12, the Special Cell of Delhi Police had arrested two alleged terrorists Naushad and Jagjit from Shraddhanand Colony of Jahangir Puri under UAPA. He is currently on 14 days police remand.

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