Delhi: Conspiracy hatched to defame Delhi government, claims petition committee

The petitions committee of the assembly, in its report presented in the house on Thursday, claimed that the lieutenant governor conspired with the chief secretary and officials to defame the Delhi government. Before the MCD elections, the pension of the elderly and the fund of Mohalla Clinic was stopped. The Chief Secretary, Finance Secretary, Health Secretary and Social Welfare Director were found guilty in the committee’s investigation.

In the House on Thursday, Chairman of the Petition Committee Akhileshpati Tripathi and member Saurabh Bhardwaj presented the report related to pension and Mohalla Clinic in the House. On this occasion, Tripathi said that the Lt. Governor stopped the pension of 4.10 lakh elderly people by threatening the officials.

During the investigation, the officials told under the confidential clause that the Lieutenant Governor has ordered to stop the system of the Delhi government. In the pension of two thousand rupees for the elderly, there is a grant amount of Rs. 200 from the central government, which the central government is not giving for one and a half years. Such insensitive officers should never be given any frontline responsibility.

It should be recorded in their service records that they are careless and insensitive people. Its information should also be given to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Also, strictest action should be taken against such people.

Health and Finance Secretary stopped the money

Saurabh Bhardwaj said that the Chief Secretary got the Health Secretary and the Finance Secretary to stop the money of the departments. Before the MCD elections, the salaries, tests and medicines of Mohalla Clinic doctors were stopped. The intention behind this was to benefit the BJP in the elections. He alleged that IAS officer Pooja Joshi conspired to stop the pension suddenly before the MCD elections.

Big IAS officers of Delhi have created a heinous act that the poor, elderly and widows abuse the government in grief and the BJP gets the benefit of this in the MCD elections. Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar, despite knowing everything, gave protection to the officers who messed up in this manner. In the Mohalla Clinic report, the petition committee has found Health Secretary Amit Singla, Principal Secretary Ashish Chandra Verma guilty. LG’s role in Mohalla clinics and pension matters has been found to be very suspicious.

AAP MLAs target LG

The Delhi government and the Aam Aadmi Party continued the process of besieging the Lieutenant Governor in the Assembly on Thursday as well. During this, after discussing the law and order of the capital, he targeted the Lieutenant Governor. The AAP MLAs alleged that the Lt Governor was not paying attention to stop the continuous crime in the capital. Earlier, the AAP MLAs created a ruckus inside the House and in the Assembly premises accusing the Lieutenant Governor of stalling health services and staged a sit-in in front of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi.

During the discussion on the law and order of the capital in the Vidhansabha, Minister Gopal Rai specially threw light on the Kanjhawala incident. He said that the accused kept dragging the girl for 10-12 kms, but the police could not be found all the way. Not only this, the police did not become active even after giving information about this from some people. This proves that the police is unbridled. The Lieutenant Governor is entirely responsible for this. Former minister Rajendra Gautam said that drugs are being sold in the capital.

AAP MLA Rajkumari and Pramila Tokas said that women are not safe in the capital. He also presented some statistics. At the same time, as soon as the proceedings of the House started, AAP MLAs created ruckus accusing the Lieutenant Governor of affecting the health services. During this, he demanded the suspension of the Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary Finance and Health Secretary. Due to this the Speaker had to adjourn the meeting of the House twice.

Meanwhile, the AAP MLAs staged a sit-in near the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the assembly premises. AAP MLA Atishi said that the Lieutenant Governor is constantly stopping every work of the Delhi government through the Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary Finance and Health Secretary. MLA Dilip Pandey said that the Chief Secretary, Finance Principal Secretary and Health Secretary in connivance with the Lieutenant Governor are working against the interest of the people of Delhi.

State BJP made allegations by writing a letter

State BJP spokesperson Praveen Shankar Kapoor has written a letter to Lieutenant Governor Vinay Kumar Saxena saying that the Speaker should answer why MLA Mahendra Goyal brought the money and waved it back. When the MLA showed the money, why didn’t both the government and the Speaker of the Assembly object? Why was the black money not confiscated? Even after 24 hours of disclosure of the recruitment scam, why didn’t the Delhi government order an inquiry? How was the permission to bring illegal money to the house and take it back, why the income tax or ACB was not called and the money was confiscated.

charges dismissed

Meanwhile, Raj Niwas officials say that Sisodia’s allegations against the Lt Governor for stalling the Clean Yamuna project are outright lies. With this, the official said that the NGT has exposed the Aam Aadmi Party’s contemptuous neglect of the Supreme Court and the Yamuna river.

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