Delhi Mayor Election: Even after losing in mcd, BJP spoiled the game of Aam Aadmi Party like this? – Delhi Mayor Election: Bjp Spoiled The Game Of Aam Aadmi Party Even After Losing In Mcd?

AAP has won the Delhi MCD elections…..and BJP had to face defeat…but for the mayoral elections BJP has taken a U-turn…and Aam Aadmi Party’s plans have been ruined It has been given… Amidst the enthusiasm of Mayor elections in Delhi, BJP is trying to sabotage your plans.. AAP’s path is not easy, hoping for a one-sided victory in the Mayor elections… In this MCD election Despite the landslide victory, BJP has made it difficult for the Aam Aadmi Party…and may spoil your game in the coming mayor elections. Can spoil the game? Along with this, they will understand what kind of equations are being formed in the mayoral election and which party has how many seats.

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