Delhi News: Woman killed after being influenced by Sobhraj, Divyang made complete plan with friend – Woman Killed After Being Influenced By French Killer Charles Sobhraj

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Impressed by the French killer Charles Sobhraj, a disabled man killed a woman along with his accomplice to grab the property. The dead body was deposited in the Chola police station area of ​​Bulandshahr. The missing woman was registered at Dayalpur police station in North-East Delhi and a case of murder was registered at Chola, Bulandshakar.

Now after about 10 months, the Special Staff of North District has solved the mystery of the murder of woman Sushilvati (40). The police have arrested the main accused Mohammad Shakir Ali alias Sameer alias Rajesh, resident of Bhopura, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad and Mohammad Faiz alias Faizan, resident of Khajuri Khas. Car, scooty and a pistol and four cartridges used in the incident have also been recovered from the accused.

The accused had taken car and scooty on installments by making fake voter ID card and PAN card from Rajesh. On non-payment of installments, the accused had lodged a report of theft of car and scooty. To avoid the recovery agent, he was driving both the scooty and the car by putting fake city plates on it. Accused Shakir used to increase his closeness with women by telling his name as Rajesh. Since he was physically handicapped, women used to fall for him. Later he used to exploit them financially. After grabbing a flat of Shakir Sushilvati, the accused was preparing to grab two more properties.

Sagar Singh Kalsi, Deputy Commissioner of Police, North District, said that the Special Staff of the district received information that two accused who are involved in the murder case. Kamla is about to come near Nehru Park with illegal weapons. Immediately the team of SI Rohit, Praveen Sharma, Hariom and others caught both of them in the Baleno car by laying a trap. A pistol, four cartridges and a stolen car were found from them. The original number plate of the car was also recovered from its car. In the interrogation of the police, the accused narrated the entire reality of the murder.

The accused said that his wife had died a long time ago. He himself was handicapped. He has polio in one leg. The accused watched a film on Charles Sobhraj. After which he started trapping women in his trap. First of all he developed closeness with a woman in Laxmi Nagar. The accused used to take advantage of being handicapped. Taking advantage of this, the accused developed closeness with many other women. He changed his religion and name and started increasing closeness with women.

Grab flat in just 1.5 lakh

The accused told that he is living in Sushilvati’s flat with his mother, two sons and a daughter. By increasing closeness to Sushilvati, the accused talked about buying her flat for 25 lakhs. Later, by giving only one and a half lakh rupees, took possession of the flat from the woman. The woman herself started living in a rented house. When the woman pressurized to pay the full amount, the accused planned to kill her.

As part of the plan, on March 3, the accused took Sushilvati to Bulandshahr by making her sit in a car on the pretext of making the full payment for the flat. On the way, the accused made the woman unconscious by giving her intoxicant. After this, after taking them to the fields in Chola area of ​​Bulandshahr, they shot them and fled.

brother registered missing

The body of the woman was found by the Chola police station of Bulandshahr. In this regard, a case of murder and destruction of evidence was registered there. After the disappearance of the woman, her brother Chetan had registered a case of kidnapping of Sushilvati at Dayalpur police station through the court. Since then the police was searching for him. Sushila lived alone in Dayalpur. Her husband Vinod Kumar lives separately from her. Sushilvati also had property in Jahangirpuri and Bhalswa. The accused wanted to grab him too.

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