Delhi: This time there was ruckus in the meeting, the new mayor will be found in April, the meeting of the Municipal Corporation House will be held on January 24.

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– Photo: Amar Ujala


If the mayor’s election is not held in Delhi on January 24 due to the ruckus in the House meeting, then it is likely that Delhi will get a new mayor in April itself. After the election of the mayor, the zone committees of the corporation are elected. All this takes about a month. After this, the corporation starts working smoothly through the mayor and councillors.

Even after about one and a half month after the results of the corporation elections, the election of Mayor, Deputy Mayor has not been done. In the first meeting of the House itself, along with the election of Mayor, Deputy Mayor, 6 out of 18 members of Ward Committees are also elected. The remaining 12 members are elected within the ward committees, which takes about a month. Senior officials of the corporation told that if the election of mayor, deputy mayor and 6 members is not held on January 24, then the election of ward committees will also not be held. Then February will have 28 days and only March will be left.

Meanwhile, along with the election of the mayor, how will the election of the ward committees be possible in a very short time. Even if elections are held, the people of Delhi will not get any special benefit from it. Because the new mayor will not have time to work. The election of the new mayor is scheduled to be held again in April itself.

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