Exit Poll: Where Is Congress Making Mistakes, Did Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra Not Have Any Effect? Exit Poll: What is the meaning of exit poll for Congress, did Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra not have any effect?

Along with the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections, the Delhi MCD elections are over. The results of MCD will be declared tomorrow i.e. on December 7, while the results of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh will be released on December 8.

Earlier on Monday, all the agencies released the exit poll figures. It is estimated that the BJP will retain power in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, while the Delhi MCD will now be ruled by the Aam Aadmi Party. The exit poll figures of these three states give relief to the BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party, but are proving to be a threat to the Congress. If any party has suffered the most in the Gujarat Assembly and Delhi MCD elections, it is the Congress. The Congress definitely put up a strong fight in Himachal, but the exit poll figures show that the BJP’s rule will continue here too.

Such results are coming when Congress’s most senior leader Rahul Gandhi is traveling on foot for more than 3,500 kilometers through 12 states. Through this, he is not only trying to strengthen the party, but is also trying to connect new people. This is the reason that now questions are being raised on the Congress. After all, where is the Congress making mistakes despite putting in so much effort? Why are people not voting for the Congress in the elections? Why is the Congress getting weaker in each state one by one? Let’s understand…

First know what the exit polls of the three states say?

Gujarat : Nine agencies had conducted a survey regarding Gujarat. Everyone’s estimate is that the power of the Bharatiya Janata Party will remain intact in the state. BJP will form the government with absolute majority. Not only this, this time there may be an increase in seats as compared to last time. Talking about all the surveys, no survey has given BJP less than 110 seats. This figure is going up to a maximum of 151. If this happens, it will be a new record in the electoral history of Gujarat.

At the same time, this time the Aam Aadmi Party, which entered the election field with full force, does not seem to be getting any special benefit. The exit poll figures say that right now the main fight in Gujarat is between the Congress and the BJP. Compared to 2017, this time Congress may have to bear the loss. Gujarat is ruled by the BJP for the last 27 years and the Congress remains at number two every time. If the figures of the exit polls this time prove to be correct, then the Congress may have to bear a lot of loss.

Himachal Pradesh : Here there is a close fight between the Congress and the ruling party BJP. Six out of nine surveys have predicted that the BJP is going to form the government again in Himachal Pradesh. In three surveys, the contest has been told to be extremely tight. Aaj Tak Axis My India has predicted the return of Congress to power. In Himachal, which has 68 assembly seats, 35 seats are needed for a majority. In the survey of Aaj Tak Axis My India, Congress has been estimated to get 30 to 40 seats. BJP can get 24 to 34 seats. Meaning if we look at the overall figures of exit polls, then BJP’s victory is certain. In such a situation, the Congress will miss out on coming to power in this state as well.

Delhi MCD : All the exit polls have predicted a major upset in the Delhi Municipal Corporation elections. According to the poll, the BJP, which has been in MCD for 15 years, will lose power. Aam Aadmi Party can have a big victory. Five agencies had conducted the survey regarding MCD. Everyone has predicted absolute majority for Aam Aadmi Party in this election. Aaj Tak Axis My India predicted AAP 149 to 171, Times Now ETG 146 to 156, India News Jan Ki Baat 150 to 175, TV9 On the Spot 145 and Zee News Bark predicted Aam Aadmi Party 134 to 146 seats. guessed. At the same time, BJP is expected to get 70 to 94 seats. Three to 14 seats can go to Congress’s account. Others may get zero to 14 seats. While the graph of Aam Aadmi Party has increased rapidly in MCD, the Congress has now come to save its existence. The Congress has already come clean before the Delhi Assembly. Now in MCD also one may have to satisfy with very few seats.

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