Haryana Panchayat Election Result 2022 Live Vote Counting For Zila Parishad And Panchayat Samiti Members News – Haryana Panchayat Election Result Live: AAP candidate won from Ambala’s hot seat, here JJP supported won

09:30 AM, 27-Nov-2022

Suresh Kumar, a resident of Naina Tatarpur, a JJP-backed village, has won from Ward 9 in Sonepat by a margin of 386 votes.

09:29 AM, 27-Nov-2022

Ashish Godara has won from Ward 10 of Hisar by a margin of 981 votes.

09:27 AM, 27-Nov-2022

Sirsa: The counting of votes for the 11th round has been completed at the counting centre. Here Praveena is ahead by 560 votes.

09:26 AM, 27-Nov-2022

Anil has won from Ward 14 of Hisar by a margin of 1400 votes.

09:23 AM, 27-Nov-2022

Aam Aadmi Party’s Makhan Singh Labana won the Zilla Parishad seat in Ward No. 9 of Ambala by a margin of 734 votes. It was considered to be the hottest seat of Ambala.

09:17 AM, 27-Nov-2022

Kamlesh Rani Kaulekhan has won from Kaithal Zilla Parishad Ward No. 5 by 804 votes. And in Panipat, Pooja has won from Zilla Parishad Ward No. 16 by 1511 votes.

09:17 AM, 27-Nov-2022

Rohtak: Poonam gave a tough fight in the second round, only eight votes behind Sunil Kumari

09:14 AM, 27-Nov-2022

Sunil Kumari is leading from Ward No. 2 of Zilla Parishad in Rohtak by 94 votes. Who is from Chief Minister Manohar Lal’s native village Nindana.

09:12 AM, 27-Nov-2022

rewari breaking

In Rewari Zilla Parishad Ward No. 10, outgoing Zilla Pramukh Shashi Bala is trailing by 2 thousand votes.

09:10 AM, 27-Nov-2022

Mahendra Singh won from Ward 14 of Fatehabad by 106 votes.

Mahendra Singh has won from Ward 14 of Zilla Parishad Fatehabad by 106 votes.

09:08 AM, 27-Nov-2022

Trends from Bahadurgarh

  • Rajendra ahead from Ward 1 of Zilla Parishad Jhajjar
  • Geeta Devi ahead from Zilla Parishad Ward 4
  • Sanjay Dalal ahead from Zilla Parishad Ward 5

09:06 AM, 27-Nov-2022

Counting of votes from ward eight to round one in Kaithal

09:04 AM, 27-Nov-2022

In Panipat Zilla Parishad ward number 16 to 15 rounds of counting, Puja is leading by 1400 votes.

09:01 AM, 27-Nov-2022

First round counting work completed from Ward No. 9 in Sonepat

  • Bhim Singh got 1858 votes
  • Jogendra Singh got 1097 votes on the second number
  • Third number is Brahm Singh 838 votes

08:57 AM, 27-Nov-2022

The first election trends have come from Rohtak. Dr. Pramod is leading from Ward No. 3 of Zilla Parishad elections.

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