Kanjhawala Case: After Dragging The Car For Two And A Half Km, The Accused Saw The Hand Of The Girl, The Accused Saw The Hand Of The Girl

The road accident that shook the country took just 25 seconds at Shani Bazar Road, Kishan Vihar. The car-riding accused knew that they had hit the scooty-riding girls. After this they ran away from the spot. After walking two and a half kilometers from the spot, the accused felt that something was stuck in the car. When he peeped outside, he saw the girl’s hand coming out from under the car. When he started getting down from the car, he saw a PCR vehicle parked at some distance. After this the accused ran away from the spot.

This horrifying disclosure has been made by the accused who dragged the girl for 13 km during interrogation. The accused had come to the spot to drop off his friend and the deceased to drop off her friend. It has been found from the call details of the mobile that the accused and the deceased and her friend had no relation with each other.

The accused have revealed during interrogation that they ran away from the spot after seeing the PCR. After this, he turned the car and reached a deserted place. During this, the car passed through Sultanpuri, Aman Vihar, Prem Nagar and Kanjhawala police station areas. The accused got two pickets. When the accused realized that the girl had not fallen from the car, they deliberately took two U-turns from the car. In the second U-turn, the girl fell down from the car. This time the accused went to the car owner Ashutosh’s house.

The accused told during interrogation that they had all gone to eat food at Sukhdev’s dhaba in Murthal on the occasion of New Year. There was a huge crowd, so they could not get food. In such a situation, he returned hungry from Murthal. After this he went to Peeragarhi and had food there. Then he was going to Kishan Vihar to drop off his friend Manoj Mittal. There he hit the scooty.

The connection with the girl was not found in the call details: A senior police officer of the outer district said that the police had extracted the call details of the five accused and the girl and her friend. It was found from the call details that the accused never spoke to the girl nor were in contact. Police has also seen the location of many places of the accused. Apart from Murthal, locations of the accused have been found at different places in Delhi. The accused have also said in the statement that they never met the girl and her friend.

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