Kanjhawala Case: Delhi Police also ignored a lot, Pcr ignored the call twice, read the story of that night – Negligence Of Delhi Police Came To Light In Kanjhawala Case Pcr Not Take Action On Calls

In the matter of dragging Anjali for 13 kilometers in the Kanjhawala incident, the negligence of the Delhi Police has come to the fore. Two PCR vans deployed on the 13 km route refused to attend the call citing the area. The policemen deployed in the PCR van continued to cordon off the area. Three PCRs chased the accused but could not nab them. These things have come to the fore in the initial investigation of the committee formed under the supervision of Special Commissioner of Police Shalini Singh on the orders of Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora.

A senior Delhi Police officer said that a total of five PCRs were deployed on the 13-km stretch. Of these, the PCR of Begumpur police station and the PCR of Kanjhawala police station had refused to attend the call. For this, it was said that his police station is not an area. It is also being told that there was a fight between the police of Rohini and the outer district regarding the call. During investigation, it was found that the accused had dragged the girl to Rohini area about 12 kms. Whereas in the outer district, it used to drag about one kilometer. The first PCR call of the incident went to Rohini district. After this the call was sent to the outer district.

With the end of this system, PCR decides the area

Delhi Police’s PCR system was different. PCR used to be a unit. On receiving the PCR call, the personnel did not fix the area and on receiving the call, the PCR reached the spot immediately. Rakesh Asthana, former police commissioner of Delhi Police, abolished this PCR unit and put PCRs under police stations. In such a situation, the police now decide the area before going on the PCR call. Along with this, apart from PCR on call, the investigating officer also reaches from the police station. This is misusing the system. Experts are telling that the PCR system has collapsed due to the dismantling of the PCR unit.

Four to five PCR given to each police station

Former Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana abolished the PCR unit and gave PCR vehicles under the police station. Four to five PCRs were given to every police station of Delhi Police. Now PCR works under SHO. The SHO deploys the PCR in his police station area. Now whenever she gets a call, she goes to the police station. After this the PCR is called. During this, the police station area is also seen. In such a situation, PCR takes time to reach the spot.

Investigating officers go to the spot on receiving calls, not PCR

On receiving the PCR call, the investigating officer from the police station also goes to the spot and the PCR also goes to the spot. In such a situation, police officers reach the spot from two places. Apart from this, it has also come to notice that the policemen posted in the PCR van were transferred to the police station. The same policemen used to do duty in PCR, who used to do duty for eight hours. Now these PCR personnel have to work for more than eight hours in the police station. In such a situation, the policemen posted in the PCR unit have got themselves transferred from the police stations to other units. In such a situation, there are no policemen left to deploy in PCR vans in police stations.

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