Kanjhawala case: Did the accused really not hear Anjali’s screams? Police preparing for hearing test in Kanjhawala case

Delhi Police is preparing to conduct hearing test of the accused in Anjali death case. During the incident, the accused had told that after Anjali got trapped in the car, they could not hear her voice. In view of this, the police is preparing to conduct a hearing test of the four accused who were present in the car at the time of the incident, so that by presenting its report in the court, it can be proved that these people deliberately dragged Anjali for 13 kms.

The police have so far recorded statements of twenty people in this case. The police is also probing the matter from the perspective of conspiracy. Along with this, investigation is also being done against the car owner Ashutosh.

Police sources say that the accused had gone ahead after the accident, where they saw that someone was trapped under the car. Police have taken footage of six CCTV cameras installed on that route. Police has made a time line based on the footage.

Police has got another witness in this case. The witnesses and the accused have also been interrogated by making them sit face to face. Police say that efforts are being made to identify the people seen in CCTV through face recognition.

The victim’s family staged a protest demanding the addition of the murder section

Anjali’s family took out a protest march in the area on Monday. He reached Sultanpuri police station while marching. The family members demanded the police to add section 302 in this case. After this, many people sat on the middle of the road in front of the police station.

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