Kanjhawala Case: …Now New Year’s morning will never come for us, had to go to Gurudwara, lost my life – Kanjhawala Case: Family Crying After Anjali Death

Now New Year’s morning will never come for our family. Anjali, who left home on the last evening of the year, did not return even on the morning of the new year. On the first of the year, the family was preparing to go to Gurudwara Bangla Sahib like every time. Only then came the news of Anjali’s departure from the world. Now not only the daughter, the new year’s morning will not come for the whole family for life.

Anjali’s death took away the New Year’s happiness for the whole family forever. According to Anjali’s mother Rekha, kept waiting for the whole night for her daughter to return home. Used to go to Gurdwara Bangla Sahib every time on New Year. This time also Anjali’s maternal uncle had said that everyone will go together in the cab. All preparations had been done for this, but on the morning of the new year, the family received a message of mourning.

On December 31 afternoon, she left home for work. In a conversation with family members on the phone at around 7.30 pm, she refused to cook food at home and said that she would bring food for everyone from outside. Around 9:30 pm, he called again and said, he will take more time to eat food. Sister Gungun told that the mobile was switched off when she called Anjali at around 10 pm.

Anjali had told to return at 2-3 in the night due to more work on New Year. The mother told that after this all the members of the house were waiting for her to return. But even after a long time, when the daughter did not return, the worry of waiting started dominating. Nani Kanta told that when the policeman got a call in the morning, he told that the daughter had met with an accident. When told that Anjali’s mother was not feeling well, the police said that they would send the vehicle.

Anjali was so concerned about the family that even when she was busy with work, she was constantly worried about the food of her mother and siblings. Called repeatedly. But all the family members kept waiting for the phone to be switched off and no one bothered to eat. After this neither food was ordered nor did anyone eat food at night.

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