Live In Partner Kills Woman In Delhi S Sarita Vihar

The Shraddha murder case had not cooled down yet that another heart-wrenching incident has come to light from Sarita Vihar area of ​​Delhi. The accused youth escaped by locking the dead body in the house after killing the woman who was living with him in a live-in relationship. He spent around nine hours with the body before absconding. Not only this, for two days he kept coming to the house at night to see the dead body of the woman. The accused killed the woman in front of her one year old daughter. While leaving, he took the daughter along with him. He suspected that the woman was having an illegal relationship with someone. Rahul Verma wanted to marry the woman. Sarita Vihar police station arrested the accused youth after five days.

According to South-East district police officials, the Sarita Vihar police received information on November 12 at 2.25 pm that a woman was lying unconscious in a house in Madanpur Khadar and the house was locked from outside. After the information, the team of Inspector Gyanendra Rana, SI Deepak Dhanda, ASI Liaquat Ali and ASI Ramesh Kumar started the investigation under the supervision of ACP, Sarita Vihar Jagdev Singh.

The police team found the landlord Param Bidhuri on the spot. The house was locked from outside. When the police broke the gate, a woman (22) was lying unconscious. Police took him to the hospital, where doctors declared him brought dead. There were no injury marks on his body. Param told that Rahul used to stay in his house on rent for about 20 days. Rahul had called him and told that his female friend Gulshana was lying dead in the house. On this the police contacted Rahul’s brother Praveen. Rahul’s family also lives in Madanpur Khadar. Praveen told that Rahul was living in a consensual relationship with a woman for about 20 days. The woman also has a one year old daughter.

Postmortem revealed that the woman was murdered

Initially, the police thought that Gulshana had committed suicide. For this reason the police took action of natural death. SI Deepak Dhanda got the woman’s post-mortem done at AIIMS. The post-mortem revealed that Gulshana was strangled to death. After this, the team of SI Deepak Dhanda, ASI Laik Ali and Ramesh Kumar started the investigation after registering the murder of a woman. ACP Jagdev Singh personally supervised the investigation. After investigation, the police team arrested Rahul from Aali village Jungle Area, Sarita Vihar on 16th November.

used to come at night to see the dead body

According to South-East district police officials, Rahul used to suspect Gulshana that she was having an affair with someone else. They used to quarrel on this issue every day. Gulshana asked him for five thousand rupees. There was a fight on this matter. In this quarrel, on November 10, in the afternoon, Gulshana was strangled to death with her hands and chunni. After this, the accused stayed with the dead body along with the woman’s one year old daughter till 10 pm. At 10 o’clock in the night, he escaped from the house with the daughter. He gave the daughter to someone and fled. After this, the accused came to the house at 2 o’clock in the night to see the dead body of Gulshana. That’s how he kept coming. After this he informed the landlord. Rahul used to do a private job in Okhla. His father runs a goldsmith shop in the area.

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