Mcd: Councilors Will Now Be Able To Get Work Done In The Ward After Taking Oath

Civic Centre, Delhi

Civic Centre, Delhi
– Photo: Amar Ujala

After taking the oath, now the councilors will be able to get the works related to the corporation done in the ward. The people of the ward can go directly to the councilor regarding the problems of the corporation. If the corporation wishes, the ward fund money can also be given directly to the councilors’ account.

Whereas, the mayor will have to wait for now. If the senior officials of the corporation are to be believed then there is a possibility that the new mayor will be found only in April. The meeting of the House will be held again in February with the instructions of the LG office, but it seems difficult to elect the mayor. In the House meeting held on Tuesday, 250 councilors and 10 nominated members of Delhi were sworn in amidst uproar, but the election of the mayor could not be held. Earlier on January 6, due to similar uproar, the meeting of the House was adjourned without any result.

Now if the mayor is elected in the middle of February, then the new mayor will not get time to understand his work and start working. According to the DMC Act-1957, the mayor’s election is scheduled to be held in April. In such a situation, it is believed that in the next meeting, both the Aam Aadmi Party and the BJP will not want to conduct the election of mayor for only one month. As of now, no party is speaking anything clearly on this issue.

Councilors got the right to work

The councilors have got the right to get the works related to the corporation done in the ward. He can directly talk to the officials of the corporation regarding the problems of the people of the ward. For the time being, until the mayor is elected, he will not have that much power to speak to the people in front of the officials, yet he will be able to work actively between the public and the corporation. If the corporation wants, the councilors can also be given funds. In this way, he will be able to get development work done in the ward.

Special officers will continue to work like mayor

Until the election of the mayor is done, Ashwani Kumar, the special officer of the corporation, will continue to handle the work of the MCD like the mayor. The Corporation Commissioner will continue to send files related to the functioning of the MCD to him.

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