Palam Murder Case Dead Body Found In Parents Bathroom And Sister And Grandmother S Room

The entire capital has been shaken by the incident that took place on Tuesday night in Palam area of ​​West Delhi. The ruthlessness with which Keshav, the accused in the quadruple murder case, has killed his parents, sister and grandmother by slitting their throats, has forced everyone to think that how can someone do such a cruel thing to himself. Keshav brutally kills the parents in the bathroom. While his sister’s body was lying on the floor in the room and grandmother’s body was lying on the bed. Investigation has revealed that the accused had already made a plan to kill the family members. For this, the accused had also arranged for a big knife.

There was silence in Rajnagar Part-2 located in Palam on Wednesday morning. People were just talking about the killing of the four people by forming groups at different places. No one could believe how a son could kill his parents and sister-grandmother who gave birth to him. The family is in deep shock due to the death of four people together.

During interrogation, it has come to light that Keshav often used to abuse other family members as well. There was also a fight with Keshav’s mother on Tuesday morning over money.

Relatives told that the grandson whom the grandmother loved the most, did not leave him either. Deewano Devi used to quietly give money to Keshav. When Keshav came home after several days, she could not restrain herself and went to her younger son Dinesh’s house to meet him.

At present, she was staying there for two days. Now the elder son Chandrapal is sorry that why the mother left his house and went to the younger brother’s place. Dinesh’s father Ramanand Sharma was a big veterinary doctor of Delhi. He had a special name in the area.

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