People Brutally Killing Their Loved Ones, Know Why The Dreaded Tendency Is Increasing In Humans? Killer’s Theory: People brutally killing their loved ones, know why the dreaded tendency is increasing in humans?

Aftab Amin Poonawala, who lives in Live Inn in Mehrauli, Delhi, killed his girlfriend Shraddha. Shraddha’s body was cut into 35 pieces and thrown in the forest. Nitesh Yadav of Modband village in Delhi shot his 21 year old daughter. After this, keeping his dead body in a suitcase, he threw it on the side of Yamuna Expressway.

Similarly, 25-year-old Keshav, a resident of Palam area of ​​Delhi, brutally killed four members of his own family. Keshav killed his parents, grandmother and sister with a knife. A similar incident was also seen in Nuh of Haryana, adjacent to Delhi. Here a woman killed her own three children by throwing them in a water tank. Tried to kill herself too, but survived.

All these incidents have one thing in common. That is, all the incidents have been carried out by a member of the family or very close. Why is this trend increasing? Regarding this, we have psychologist Prof. Spoke to Rupesh Goyal. He exposed the psychological reason behind these incidents. He told that why the dreaded tendency is increasing among the people? Why are people thirsty for the blood of their own people? Let’s understand…

Why are people getting thirsty for the good of their own people?

Pro. Rupesh Goyal says, ‘Though such incidents are increasing all over the country, but the maximum impact is being seen in metropolitan cities. There are many reasons for this. Some are common and some are according to the place.

Pro. Goyal says, “Nowadays people have become more dependent on technology. They depend on technology for everything. Due to this, the mood of the people has started changing rapidly. People have now started accepting the virtual world as reality. Whatever happens in the virtual world, we try to do it in real life. Movies, serials, video games are having a deep impact on human mind. Be it children or adults, everyone is getting affected by it. People get used to the things they see. Then they do not have any hesitation and fear in doing such an act.

Pro. Goyal said, ‘TV programs, web series and films have made a lot of impact on the human mind. You can experience it yourself. Many times you try to do what you have seen in movies or serials. Apart from this, there are all kinds of inflammatory and inciting content available on YouTube and the Internet. Where people have easily reached. On one click, people search for tips ranging from bomb making to murder. The surprising thing is that all this content is made available on the Internet by experts.

He also held pollution responsible for the rising criminal trend in Delhi NCR and other metropolitan cities. Pro. Goyal says that pollution is affecting the human mind. Due to this the person is becoming irritable. Anger grows fast in people. People lose their temper on every little thing. Due to pollution, there has been an increase of more than 70 percent in such cases. In such a situation, when people are angry, they are determined to do anything.

What to do to avoid this?

Pro. According to Goyal, the only way to avoid this is that people have to change their routine. One has to step out of the virtual world and join the social circle. People need to do yoga and meditation to keep their mind calm. This will not only improve health but also reduce mental stress. Stay away from more mobile, TV, laptop. The particles coming out of it continuously have a direct effect on your brain. Which is harmful for your health, along with it you also become mentally weak.

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