Shraddha Murder Accused Aftab Made Shocking Confessions During Polygraphy Test

A new revelation has come to light in the Shraddha murder case. Surprising information has been received from the accused Aftab Amin Poonawala (28) during the polygraph test. According to the experts of Rohini FSL, Aftab did not kill Shraddha out of anger but under conspiracy. Also had seen Bollywood film Drishyam before the incident. He was waiting for Drishyam Part-2. He was trying to make a story after killing Shraddha. He murdered Shraddha as part of a conspiracy. After committing the murder, he kept talking to Shraddha’s friends and relatives and kept making such evidence, so that later there would be no problem in proving her innocent. These things came to the fore during Aftab’s polygraphy test which lasted for nine and a half hours on Thursday.

Rohini-based FSL sources said that during the polygraphy test, the expert had mentioned the film Drishyam to him. The expert asked whether he could have survived by watching the movie Drishyam. To this the accused did not give any answer.

After this, the expert asked another question whether Shraddha was murdered under a conspiracy. On this the accused said that he had seen the movie Drishyam and now Drishyam Part-2 has also come.

Expert sources say that the accused used to hate Shraddha. He had taken her for a ride under a conspiracy. At the same time, FSL experts say that the accused did not kill Shraddha in a fit of rage, but under a conspiracy. The accused has admitted during interrogation that he had assaulted Shraddha several times.

Please tell that the Mehrauli police had taken Aftab to the FSL located in Rohini at 4 pm on Friday. It is being told that the accused was only questioned in FSL on Friday. He was not put on the machine.

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