Shraddha Murder Case Aftab Change Confession Did 16 Pieces Not 35 Read Details Here

A shocking revelation has come to the fore in the Shraddha murder case. Accused Aftab Poonawalla confessed during Thursday’s interrogation that he had kept Shraddha’s body parts, including her head, in a refrigerator for more than five months. This has also been confirmed by the footage of CCTV cameras. Some pieces of the dead body were thrown away by him only after killing him. Whereas Shraddha’s dead body was kept in the house for two days. One day Shraddha’s dead body was lying in the room. He had eaten food sitting near the dead body. The accused has told during interrogation that he had cut Shraddha’s body into only 16 pieces. During this he kept smiling as before.

Shraddha was put to death at eight in the night

A senior officer of the South district said that the accused Aftab has told that he killed Shraddha at eight o’clock in the night. Shraddha’s dead body remained lying in the room for a day. After killing Shraddha, he brought beer and ordered food and ate it. After that watched movies on Netflix all night.

The dead body was kept in the bathroom the day after the murder

The next day he had kept Shraddha’s dead body in the bathroom. The dead body remained lying in the bathroom for a day. The accused has told during interrogation that after this he packed some pieces of Shraddha’s body in polythene and threw it in the forest. Shraddha’s head, torso, toes and fingers were kept packed in polythene in the freeze. The accused says that he did not get a chance to throw these dead body pieces.

That’s why could not throw away the pieces of Shraddha’s dead body

After killing Shraddha, he got a job in a call center in Gurugram. He used to work in call center at night. During the day his female friend from Delhi used to come. Because of this he could not throw away the pieces of the dead body.

In the month of October, Aftab had thrown the pieces of the remaining dead body in the forest.

According to police officials, the accused had thrown these pieces of the body in the forest in the beginning of October. Reliable police sources say that CCTV footage has been found of the accused going to the forest in the month of October.

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