Unknown Girl Blackmailed Young Man By Making Obscene Clip On Video Call On Facebook

If you also befriend unknown people on other social media platforms including Facebook, then be careful. Lest it happen that some vicious person targets you and extorts money from you. Yes, the same happened with a 25-year-old youth from Bhajanpura. The victim was repeatedly sent friend requests on Facebook in the name of a girl. After repeatedly rejecting the request, the young man finally accepted the request. Shortly after, the young man got a video call from the same girl. The girl started doing obscene acts on the video call.

Fearing the victim disconnected the call, but by then the accused had made a video recording of the call. After this the recovery from the victim started. Even after becoming an inspector of Delhi Police, he was intimidated. The victim first gave one lakh rupees, but later he thought it right to complain. Cyber ​​Crime Unit of Special Cell has registered a case in this regard and started investigation. Police is trying to reach the accused with the help of technical surveillance.

As per the information, the victim lives in Bhajanpura area with his family. He works in an MNC. In a statement given to the police, he told that on October 15, he had received a friend request from a girl named Pooja Sharma. Being ignorant, he rejected the request. Shortly after this the request came again. This cycle continued. Eventually the victim accepted the request. After this he messaged a girl named Pooja that he does not know who she is. Shortly after this the video call came from the other side.

The victim felt that the girl might have called to tell. As soon as the young man picked up the video call, the girl on the other side took off her clothes. Out of fear, the victim disconnected the call. But by then it was too late. During this time the accused recorded the call. Later, a recording of that call was sent to the victim shortly afterwards. After this, there was a demand for money from him. The victim blocked the girl on his Facebook. After this, a person claiming to be an Inspector of Delhi Police talked about his video going viral on social media.

After this, a demand of Rs one lakh was made from the victim. The victim sent Rs to the said account. But even after this he started asking for fifty thousand rupees more. The young man told the whole thing to his family members. Later, at the behest of the family members, a complaint was made to the police. Now the Cyber ​​Crime Unit of Special Cell has registered a case in this regard and started investigation. Police is trying to identify the accused and reach them.

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