Woman S Incomplete Skeleton Found In Aravalli Hills In Faridabad Women’s clothes were lying nearby

The news of the discovery of human skeleton pieces in a trolley bag on Thursday on the Aravalli hills in Faridabad has stirred up Delhi. Believing the matter to be related to Shraddha murder case in Mehrauli, Delhi Police also reached the spot and inspected the spot. Surajkund police station took the skeleton into custody and sent it for postmortem. The police is investigating the matter A young man who went to the forest reached near the skeleton due to foul smell and informed the police. The body parts found in the bag included the lower part of the waist, while the head and torso were missing. It is being told that by looking at the clothes found around, the dead body appears to be that of a woman.

Police station Surajkund in-charge Inspector Balraj said that at around 1:30 pm, he was informed that a skeleton was lying in a blue colored trolley bag on Surajkund Pali Road. When he went to the spot and saw, he came to know that someone had thrown a human skeleton. The police have also recovered some clothes from the spot. Seeing him, the dead body appears to be that of a woman.

It is feared that some parts of the Shraddha murder case in Mehrauli area of ​​Delhi may have been thrown here by the accused. After getting the information, Delhi Police also reached the spot and inspected the spot. The remains that have been recovered in the suitcase are the part below the waist of the human being. The flesh of the skeleton was completely rotted away.

It is difficult to tell by looking at the pieces whether it is a man or a woman. However, the size and design of the clothes found in the trolley bag match those of the woman. Police are searching for other remains of the body in the forest.

A young man from Amipur informed the police on Thursday that a suitcase was emitting a foul smell in the Aravalli forests. Police found at the spot that the body was put in a plastic bag after wrapping it in blue polythene inside a blue colored trolley bag.

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